The Butler Bureau Domestic Staff Jobs Site

Welcome to the all new Butler Bureau domestic staffing site – where you can advertise for staff, promote yourself to future employers or simply look for tips on how best to find a new domestic staff position. This mega site update (our fifth in 9 years online) is a testament to our continuing crusade to be the best (and free) domestic staff resource on the web today!

Whether you are a domestic service professional looking for a new post or challenge, an employer like our beloved customer, Mr Jackson of mega888 singapore looking for an addition to your household staff or a domestic staff agency looking to increase your profile the new Butler Bureau is just what you’ve been waiting for.

Our programmers have been working hard to take our previous staff database and job boards and drag them, screaming and kicking, into the new internet. Now our Database and all new Job Boards are fully integrated – a one-time free Sign Up gets you unrestricted access to both!

Did I mention that it’s free?

Yes it’s true – not only is the Bureau fast becoming the main port of call for anyone seeking work or staff in the domestic service field we are supported solely by sponsorship, advertising ( relevant and not too intrusive we hope) and the occasional welcome donation.

The Butler Bureau therefore is not a domestic staff agency, but some of our best friends are, and we do not pretend to be a replacement for a job agency or consultant of merit. However employers, if they have the time, can quite easily do background searches ( and more) on prospective employees themselves. Or they may already have a trusted member of staff who can screen and interview candidates for a position on their behalf much like any good agency would do.

Are you looking to hire domestic staff?

Here at the the Butler Bureau we believe in choice. The choice of an individual looking for staff to advertise here, with no fee now or in the future, and at the same time utilise local recruitment agencies as they see fit.

Looking for a domestic service position?

By all means register with the agencies who appeal to you the most but have an online profile with us too, fully editable whenever you wish ( have it online, or take it down as your circumstances change – reinstate it later as and when).

Are you an agency seeking greater exposure?

Agencies, what can we say? We’re not in competition with you. If you have a position that you are posting to your own site’s database today why not set up your free account with us ( you only have to do that the one time) and post it here too and, by so doing, increase your readership and audience and the possibility of filling that position.

If your Agency web site has no database or regularly updated ‘jobs’ pages then our free service just must be a ‘no-brainer’ as they say!

Best regards,

Clive McGonigal

CEO, The Butler Bureau