What is a Butler? ‘The Butler Way’ Explained!

So what is a Butler? What is ‘The Butler Way’ ?

Is it a frame of mind, a definable set of skills or perhaps an ideal to pursue, a Holy Grail of excellence? Moreover is the ‘Butler Way’ something to be striven for by domestic staff alone or is it rather an ethos to which anyone, butler or not, can aspire to?

The Butler Bureau poses these questions, and others, to Butler trainer par excellence Mr Steven Ferry…

We have chatted to Steven, Chairman of the International Institute of Modern Butlers, before of course as he truly is, in our opinion, the top hotel butler trainer in the world with two best selling books on butling to his name which have become the industry standards.

The Butler Bureau chats to Steven Ferry

The Butler Bureau chats to Steven Ferry

Click below to listen to the podcast:

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Other aspects Steven and I got around to chatting about are various mind-sets that anyone in domestic service really needs to understand and accept:

If you are, essentially, aiming to provide an ‘invisible’ service to your client then do not expect to be ‘thanked’ every time you serve a drink, clean an ashtray or prepare a meal. This lack of recognition can be mistaken for rudeness but, in a busy home, this is not the case. If you want to be thanked for everything you do maybe domestic service is not for you.

BUT if you are essentially ‘taken for granted’ does that mean bad news when you are looking for a raise? Listen to the Podcast for the answer to that!

However, as a general concept of life, maybe we should all stop feeling the need to be ‘thanked’ every time we do something nice for somebody else don’t you think? That it become the norm rather than the exception?

If everybody shared the values of a good Butler would the world be a better or poorer place in which to live? Discuss…

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