Can You Offer True Value Added Service?

Times are tough but that is when, as we know, the ‘tough get going’. So what is the extra ‘oomph’ you are going to add to your mix to make yourself ‘stand out from the crowd’ to your next potential employer?

Here at the Butler Bureau we believe that the smallest ‘added extra’ you can add to your skill set can make a massive difference not only when you are applying for a position but also when negotiating a salary!

Here are some examples:

Let’s say you are looking to hire a chauffeur. Who would you be most interested in interviewing:

  • The guy with a clean license?
  • The guy with the clean license who’s taken an Advanced Driving Course?
  • The guy with the clean license who’s taken an Advanced Driving Course and has also taken an Auto Mechanic’s course at Night School?

You want to hire a Butler or Valet and you travel to Europe regularly who’s your preferred candidate:

  • The regular qualified Butler?
  • The regular qualified Butler who also speaks French?
  • The regular qualified Butler who also speaks French and pretty good Italian?

Or, to expand the premise, maybe a Butler who has a Chef’s Diploma or a Nanny who has an Advanced First Aid certificate. How about a Yacht Steward who spent a summer as a Lifeguard or a Domestic Couple who have been on a Home Security CourseĀ  or similar?

superguyAll of these additions to your expertise require time, effort and expense of course but they would also show that you take your vocation seriously, that you are constantly trying to improve what you have to offer your employer.

Many of the additions to my skillset my previous employers happily paid for, all I had to do was ask! I was ‘persuaded’ by more than one boss to go on a ‘Wine Cellar’ course, a ‘Meat Carving’ course, a ‘Care of Fine Antiques’ seminar and a ‘Silver Polishing’ tutorial by a master Goldsmith!

Looks great on the resume and shows that I’m constantly improving myself, which I am. My employers benefited and so did I. But let me be honest – it’s the extra financial remuneration I can expect when I do move jobs that is at the forefront of my mind. Sorry if that sounds a bit mercenary!

What other skills are easily obtained, do you think, that might improve your chances at your next job interview? Feel free to comment below.

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