Tip Box

The Famous Butler Bureau Piggy BankThe Butler Bureau site is able to offer the free services of both the Job Boards and the Staff Database because, instead of charging domestic staff employers and agencies a fee or billing them on placement of staff, we monetize the site via page sponsorship, some relevant advertising and last, but not least, donations from satisfied customers.

Today, as in times gone by, guests staying at a friend’s house ( shooting weekends, social weekends etc.) would customarily ( if they knew their social graces) leave a monetary ‘thank you‘ for the domestic staff who had looked after them personally during their stay. Personal Valets, Ladies Maids would receive a thank you stipend in a plain envelope prior to departure.

The Butler too would receive a gratuity, either for himself or to distribute to the relevant household staff.

Naturally we feel that this is an admirable custom and one which we encourage wholeheartedly!

So feel free to let us know you enjoyed your stay and we look forward to seeing you as a regular, preferred visitor.

There is absolutely no obligation and any amount you leave is entirely at your discretion, but if you feel the Butler Bureau has helped you, either by saving you money or for any reason simply click on the PayPal button below to leave the Bureau a sum of your choosing.

(Gratuities are paid via PayPal’s secure online servers)

Thank you.