Tie Knots: The Windsor

The first in a series of tie knots, here we feature ‘The Windsor’ sometimes known, unnecessarily, as the ‘Full Windsor’ or ‘Double Windsor’. The knot is named after the late Duke of eerm Windsor! A little man who liked a big tie…

The Duke was something of a ‘dandy’ who liked his knots nice and wide ( and his women slim and American) and who had his handmade ties tailored extra wide for that very reason. Wallis Simpson loved them! Was this the tie responsible for the Abdication crisis?

We’ll be featuring many other tie knots and videos over the next few weeks so call back soon.
Regarding the ‘dimple’ question. of whether or not to include a dimple into a tie knot, wider knots such as the Windsor lend themselves to it in my opinion.These larger knots need a ‘spread’ collar to show them off to best advantage.

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