The Superhuman Butler

Excelling in your job as a domestic worker means putting forth a sometimes superhuman effort, and understandably so.  Even though you’re not working a traditional desk job associated with a generous salary, most butlers earn a very decent living indeed and like any other job, there’s an ebb and flow of workload.  Some days, you’re simply called upon to be a superhero.

Whether you coordinate other staff in the home or work chiefly by yourself, it’s important to go the extra mile every minute of every day and make sure things are really cleaned the way they’re supposed to  be cleaned, arranged the way they’re supposed to be arranged and simply done right.  We’re all human and sometimes laziness interferes with our sense of execution, particularly for mundane tasks.  But the butler is a special individual, a proud individual who has the capacity to take joy in doing even the simplest job well where others would permit laxity (even though any professional butler or his employer will attest to the fact that there’s nothing simple about it!)

But the uberbutler whom we describe isn’t merely a bio-mechanical machine hell bent on folding clothing and so forth.  He is a well-trained individual whose discretion, unobtrusiveness and judgment often endear him to his employer and earn him adopted membership in the employer’s family.  Whether it’s suggesting that an overly intoxicated guest check their blood alcohol content with a breathalyzer and calling them a cab or simply remembering to put fresh hand towels in the master bath, the butler is a person with a phenomenal attention to detail, eminently proud of his competence and the high rate his services command.

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