15 Reasons Silk Plants Can Be a Butler’s Best Friend

  1. Butlers have enough things to do. Plants that don’t need to be regularly replaced or watered represent one less task.
  2. Silk flowers and plants can be easily selected to match the decor of any room.
  3. Todays’ artificial plants look very real. If visitors figure out they aren’t real, however, they are invariably impressed by the precision of the illusion.
  4. Over the long run, they are much cheaper than constantly buying fresh flowers to liven up the look of a room. This makes the employer happy. When the employer is happy, the domestic service professional is happier.
  5. No problems with allergies.
  6. Real plants and flowers can attract insects. Silk flowers and plants attract only attention.
  7. In a yard, plants and flowers often require fertilizers and pesticides. Obviously, the less of that around, the better.
  8. We think that Bobby Darin song, “Artificial Flowers,” is a bit maudlin. What’s so great about “the real thing”?
  9. The employer’s chihuahua or Persian kitty will not be as interested in silk plants.
  10. If pets or small children do decide to start chewing on them, while it’s obviously not a good situation, the dangers and potential mess are much smaller than with many real plants.
  11. Especially if your employer’s home is based in a major southwestern city, it is likely the boss is under some pressure from his or her municipality to reduce water consumption. Artificial plants are an obvious aid in that regard.
  12. Silk flowers and plants are available in ready made arrangements that are always visually appealing and appropriate.
  13. For ceremonial occasions, they never wilt or suddenly fall apart just before they are needed.
  14. The only limit with an artificial plant is your, and the manufacturer’s, imagination.
  15. Artificial plants are also available for your employer’s aquarium. They are huge time savers in water as well as exposed to air.

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