Non-Disclosure Agreements, What is an NDA?

When should you ask your potential employee to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement? Are they only required by the Madonna’s of this world when they hire staff? Are they worth the paper they are printed on?

Why and when is a non disclosure agreement necessary?

When negotiating agreements with other parties there will be times when sensitive information will be shared. This might be something as innocuous as a client’s personal postal address, email or telephone number.

In reality it is usually impossible to create a meeting/ongoing discussion/interview timeframe or conversation with another party without divulging some proprietary information that you would rather is not shared with Joe Public.

One way to protect yourself from improper release of this important information is to enter into a non disclosure agreement before beginning the negotiations with any prospective employee.

You can make such an agreement a requirement, if you wish, before any initial discussions take place.

No member of staff worth their salt will hesitate to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement as it shows that their potential future employer values their privacy – this is quite understandable to domestic service professionals.

The good news is that you can, these days, create a simple online non disclosure agrement that can be signed digitally by both parties and that holds legal validity.

Once you have employed a person then naturally it makes sense to have a physical NDA drawn up by, and signed in the presence of, a lawyer.

In the meantime The Butler Bureau recommends the free online NDA available via our friends (we had to say ‘friends’ or they said they’d sue!) over at Rocket Lawyer

What’s rather good at Rocket Lawyer is that:

  • First time is free!
  • Enter both parties Names and addresses and it’s just a ‘Click next’ then ‘Click next’ type process.
  • Once done Rocket Lawyer emails the other party for agreement
  • 2 digital signatures later ( and copies sent to each party) and you’re done

I have to say that I was very impressed!

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