How to Wear a Kilt

Need to know how to wear a kilt? Whether wearing a kilt yourself or helping your employer to dress correctly there are some simple rules to follow when wearing Highland Dress.

Remember that, even in Scotland, the wearing of a kilt is saved for special occasions. Chances are that the last time you saw someone in a kilt was at a wedding!

Here’s a tip as to what, or not, to wear under the tartan…

Start with the socks ( see video below) but, if you are not wearing a traditional waistcoat or formal jacket ( or both) i.e. formal highland dress, then nothing looks better with a kilt than a plain white shirt.

As to what to wear, or not to wear, under your kilt that’s entirely up to you – but if you’re choosing to cover up your privates DO wear black boxer shorts so that, if a strong wind or overly affectionate bridesmaid decides to check if you’ve gone ‘commando’ and wants to see what you’ve got under there, it’s just a dark shadow – keep them guessing!

The sporran should be 3 fingers width below the waistcoat.

The socks ( with ‘flashes‘ embedded) should be 2-3 fingers below the kneecap.

The ‘sgian Dhub ‘should be neatly slotted into the right sock ( OK, if you’re left-handed and expecting trouble then the left sock’s fine!)

Remember to have those kneecaps showing! Nothing worse in my opinion than a too long kilt that overlaps the socks – looks terrible!

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