Hi, if you know me from this website – the free resource for domestic staff – I would appreciate your help.

The owner of a London Domestic staff agency contacted me by phone yesterday threatening me with legal action.

Why? Because I had listed her company’s website on my International Directory of domestic staff agencies page many years ago.

Instead of being happy about that, and realising the benefits of a link to her site, she has instead chosen to interpret this as my trying to impersonate her and steal her clients.

Crazy I know – but I am responding to her in a calm and measured way

I have reached out to my contacts in the Domestic Staff field: business owners, employees and trainers asking them for a one or 2 sentence testimonial that I can add to my rebuttal of her misinterpretation of the Butler Bureau site and its goals.

I have received a number of supportive emails from some great people already. If you’d care to join them I’d appreciate your emailing your mini testimonial to me at

I simply want to get this person to understand that I set up the site back in 2001 as a free resource for domestic staff and that’s it.

Having my good name attacked by somebody who won’t listen to reason I find very I’m sure you would too.

If you have found my Butler Bureau site useful in any way I would appreciate your feedback to help me put the record straight.

Many thanks,


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