First Day at Work – Do’s and Don’ts

So it’s your first day in the new job – here are a few tips to help you to set off on the right foot.

Remember that the impact you make in the first few days will have a lasting effect on the way you are perceived by your employer and other staff.
Use the opportunity to adopt a new approach re areas that, in the past, you had problems with e.g. delegating, communicating.

Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth relatively shut for the first few days until you establish the lay of the land.

Make a point of remembering the names of the people you will come into contact with regularly (jot them down in your little black book if it helps).

Watch, listen and, if in doubt, ask!

Top Tips:

  • As soon as feasibly possible request a meeting with your new boss to run through your job description. Ask questions. Better to be honest now while you are being ‘championed’ rather than 6 months down the line.
  • Establish where you fit into the heirarchy of the household – you don’t want to be seen delegating to staff who are not within your remit or failing to direct someone who is.
  • Establish the personal relationships (if any) within the household – is the Gardener in a relationship with the Housekeeper? This is important stuff!
  • Once you are confident re all of the above call a staff meeting of those under your control and give them the opportunity to raise areas in which they have problems or concerns. Follow this up with one-on-one meetings afterwards. Their being happy and productive in their work reflects well on you so this will pay dividends in the future.
  • Who is disgruntled? Is there someone that feels hard done by? Maybe they feel that they should have had your job rather than you?

It’s not just who you know….

  • It’s all too easy to form special relationships with some members of the work force in the beginning. We’re talking about friendship here – nothing more! Avoid this!
  • Some staff will be friendly towards you, others may be waiting to see how you perform and are so witholding judgement – good for them! Don’t alienate the cautious ones by becoming overly friendly to individuals or a clique.
  • Any job environment or household is full of internal politics and gossip – do not give anyone the ammunition that could come back to haunt you later.
  • Be friendly, professional and polite to everyone. Once you are secure in your position and understand all of the above THEN you can consider changes that might need to be made.
  • You’ll soon spot the staff who need help and direction. Offer it to them in a professional and friendly way. Help people out in any way you can (without being taken advantage of) and you will soon be the respected professional that you deserve to be.

How To Talk To People: Better Communication Skills

What NOT to do on the first day of the new job:

  • Come in with all guns blazing
  • Fail to establish the hierachy
  • Not have a meeting with the boss
  • Form early friendships
  • Want to be liked by everyone
  • Fail to understand the internal politics
  • Give ammunition to the gossips

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