Domestic Staff Salary Guide

In a Butler Bureau podcast some time ago we spoke to Steven Ferry, the Chairman of the International Institute of Modern Butlers and asked him what he felt was the going rate for a newly trained Butler entering domestic service.

piggybank2His view was that a starting salary for a fresh-faced young butler should be in the region of US$50-60k and that after two to three years experience that same Butler would be, should be, commanding an annual salary of US$80-150k though not necessarily in the original position.

Salaries vary worldwide and that will always be the case. A Butler’s job is not disimilar to any other middle or senior management position. Be it from country to country or company to company – salaries vary. Of course this is the way the world works and salaries can be, and often are, subject to geographical location and the tax laws of the country in which you will work.

Yes, it’s true, top Butlers can earn in excess of US$250k per year, as well they should. But it is unrealistic for a new arrival on the Domestic Service scene to expect similar remuneration.

So what’s the answer when it comes to working out your market value?

Using research from various Domestic Agency web sites here’s our list of jobs with salary ranges. The first figure should be considered as a starting salary for someone new to the profession (but trained) the second figure for someone with 2+ years of on-the-job experience or for greater responsibility/duties/or staff management:

The Home Staffing Network has a salary survey, that we urge you to contribute to, to show a realistic range of salaries in the domestic service field. Unsure of what your position actually is? Check out the Job Descriptions page.

Domestic Staff Salaries Guide

If you feel our guide is overly pessimistic or optimistic feel free to join the conversation via the Comments section below.

How can you work out your Market Value?

Joining The Workforce:
Market Value

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