Top Cigar Humidor Tips

The most important tip to know and care about, when looking to choose a cigar from any humidor, is the time you have available in which to smoke it. In fact it’s downright rude to select a cigar badly…

Who Cleans the Queen’s Silver Teapot?

It’s not every day one gets to speak to a man who has been held under armed guard in the Tower of London, has access to enough poison to kill a large herd of elephants and who cleans the personal silver teapot of H.M.

Oven Roasted Chicken Recipe – roast a bird to perfection

In this the first in our series of ‘Signature Dishes’ that every Butler needs to know we approach that most perfect of Sunday Roasts: the roast chicken. There are lots of easy things you can do to turn your chicken into a meal to remember, oh yes…

Ever Feel A Bit ‘LOST’ In The Job Market?

You’ve been in touch with loads of agencies, sent out your resumes to half the planet so what’s gone wrong? No, there are still jobs out there but you simply have to work smarter to find them.

Can You Offer True Value Added Service?

Times are tough but that is when, as we know, the ‘tough get going’. So what is the extra ‘oomph’ you are going to add to your mix to make yourself ‘stand out from the crowd’ to your next potential employer?

Domestic Staff Job Descriptions

It’s been a long time coming but here it is – the definitive list of butler and all other household staff job definitions and descriptions. I’ve come full circle and am just collating the wine cellar these days…

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    Hi, if you know me from this website – the free resource for domestic staff – I would appreciate your help. The owner of a London Domestic staff agency contacted me by phone yesterday threatening me with legal action. Why? Because I had listed her company’s website on my International Directory of domestic staff agencies [...]

  • 15 Reasons Silk Plants Can Be a Butler’s Best Friend

    Butlers have enough things to do. Plants that don’t need to be regularly replaced or watered represent one less task. Silk flowers and plants can be easily selected to match the decor of any room. Todays’ artificial plants look very real. If visitors figure out they aren’t real, however, they are invariably impressed by the [...]

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  • The Superhuman Butler

    Excelling in your job as a domestic worker means putting forth a sometimes superhuman effort, and understandably so.  Even though you’re not working a traditional desk job associated with a generous salary, most butlers earn a very decent living indeed and like any other job, there’s an ebb and flow of workload.  Some days, you’re [...]

  • The “Ghost” and The Dinner Party

    Butlering at your employer’s dinner party is certainly more demanding (and yet more exciting!) than the usual slew of duties that you’re charged to look after.  As guests arrive, you may be called upon to take coats, help serve beverages and hors d’ouevres, to clear plates and stemware and to perform any number of other [...]

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  • The Butler Bureau Domestic Staff Jobs Site

    The Butler Bureau Domestic Staff Jobs Site

    Welcome to the all new Butler Bureau domestic staffing site – where you can advertise for staff, promote yourself to future employers or simply look for tips on how best to find a new domestic staff position. This mega site update (our fifth in 9 years online) is a testament to our continuing crusade to [...]

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