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Considering that shaving is the only facial beautification technique that most men ever use, let alone on a daily basis, means that we should define the best shave tips right? In fact, happily, shaving properly turns the act from a daily chore into a luxurious daily treat!

For the Butler Bureau the main points to consider when shaving are these….

  • No chemicals, petroleum products or aerosols ( read your labels!)
  • Get a Badger hair brush
  • Ditch the electric shaver ( I hate them so much I ditched the company!)
  • Turn a boring task into a pleasurable one
  • Moisturize before and after
  • Never splash anything on your face that’s got alcohol in it!

If you shower or bathe every morning ( advisable :-) leave the shaving until last. That way your skin is nicely warmed up and clean ( wash your face with your nice mild, chemical free shampoo to get it ready for the blade).

QUICK TIP: Don’t add moisturiser prior to shaving until you’ve closed your pores with cold water. Otherwise you will simply be clogging up those warmed open pores with the moisturiser.

I think my only concern here in this is the shaving against the grain ( or direction of hair growth) that’s never worked well for me – but maybe I’m being overly sensitive! I guess if your skin is superbly moisturised it shouldn’t matter.

This post was going to originally be a series guidelines for men shaving themselves. But for Butler/Valets who shave their employer on occasion here’s a video from a professional barber ( once again my only problem is the shaving against the grain or direction of hair growth as that’s where skin irritations, and ingrowing hair problems, stem from – if your blade is sharp enough it shouldn’t be necessary surely).

I suppose what I’m saying here, in general, is that a shave is, or should be, regarded as a daily pleasure rather than a chore. Apart from the fact that your skin tone will show that you know how to shave sensibly it’s just another aspect in the ‘Butler Way’ of doing things properly! It also helps if you have the right equipment. A Bic disposable and an old bar of bath soap just doesn’t cut it – literally!

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