About Us

The Butler Bureau has been online now for over 10 years and the format of the site has changed probably 5 times over those years, different designs, color schemes and logos ( and content). In fact our most recent transformation, this one, has even got a new domain address i.e. THEbutlerbureau.com as opposed to plain old Butlerbureau.com.

The previous incarnation still sits happily at www.ButlerBureau.com and gets a lot of traffic so we decided that, rather than take it down, the two sites could run in tandem for a while so we can see how it goes.

Visitors to the older site are redirected to here when it comes to our Staffing Database and Job Boards. You could say that finding people jobs or staff is our primary focus here; but that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped posting interesting content for anyone interested in excellence within the home or their lives, we call it “The Butler Way”.

This new site is great for us as it is so easy to add new content – the old web site was/is a bit of a dinosaur as it’s a static web site, great for it’s day but a tad obsolete in this web 2.0 interactive media age!

The reason we’ve kept updating the site over time is because we like to keep up with the latest web technology and incorporate it, whenever possible ( and if it serves a purpose!) into the site.

So, yes, we Twitter, we Facebook, we will Google Plus when it comes online! Embedded videos and podcasts too!

You can ‘subscribe’ to our RSS feeds or to be informed via email when we have new content. Visitors can comment on all our posts on the built-in blog. If there’s one word to sum up what we are aiming for it’s ‘interactivity

Perhaps the most important change of late is the update to our Database and Job Boards. We wanted to make them more secure and to enable communication to take place beween employees and employers without them sharing their contact details from the get go, but only when both parties were ready.

We also now manually approve employers to, as much as we are able, be sure that they are who they say they are and where they are located. In a nutshell ‘so called’ employers from Nigeria and the Ivory Coast who pretend to be in London get shut out! Job Boards all over the web have been facing scam job offers – we decided to tackle it head on!

Once you completed the ‘one time only’ sign up you gain full access to both the Database and Job Boards. The Boards are for quick ads for people or positions while the database allows you to complete a full online profile of you and/or your needs. Why not do both? You can edit your profile and ads whenever you wish.

To keep the Job Listings fresh, Ads are deleted after 60 days unless the employer tells us otherwise ( he/she gets an email on day 57 asking the question).

The Butler Bureau sites have always been fee free. We monetize the site with advertising, sponsorship and donations.

We trust the new site will go into your Favorites folder or Bookmarking tool of choice and that you’ll recommend us to your friends.

Also don’t forget to visit our Social Networking page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

For the future? More content, more useful bells and whistles, video training and most importantly a contuing conversation with you our visitor!

Enjoy the site.

Clive McGonigal
President of The Butler Bureau