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15 Reasons Silk Plants Can Be a Butler’s Best Friend

Butlers have enough things to do. Plants that don’t need to be regularly replaced or watered represent one less task. Silk flowers and plants can be easily selected to match the decor of any room. Todays’ artificial plants look very real. If visitors figure out they aren’t real, however, they are invariably impressed by the [...]

The Superhuman Butler

Excelling in your job as a domestic worker means putting forth a sometimes superhuman effort, and understandably so.  Even though you’re not working a traditional desk job associated with a generous salary, most butlers earn a very decent living indeed and like any other job, there’s an ebb and flow of workload.  Some days, you’re [...]

The “Ghost” and The Dinner Party

Butlering at your employer’s dinner party is certainly more demanding (and yet more exciting!) than the usual slew of duties that you’re charged to look after.  As guests arrive, you may be called upon to take coats, help serve beverages and hors d’ouevres, to clear plates and stemware and to perform any number of other [...]